Best shapewear for women: Three of the best styles

 Best shapewear for women: Three of the best styles.

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How have you been? It's a new year and we all want to look beautiful, so , I want to share with you three of the best shapewear for women for this new beginning.

Today it occurred to me to share one of those goals because, talking about the subject with a friend, I realized that we can inspire each other not only to fulfill them, but also to plan them in such a way so that they are more achievable and clear. The goal that I set for myself is: not to leave the house until I feel pretty and above all to start exercising and use my favorite shapewear.

The goal of looking more beautiful obviously includes exercising regularly about three times a week and walking for about 15 minutes each day. The other thing I included is to use serum on my face with vitamin C, and moisturize my skin every day after bathing. Also exfoliating my skin every week and my lips every 3 days. As you can see, these are small actions that I want to take to achieve my great goal.

The other action that I am thinking of doing has to do with the closet cleaning that I did. The idea is to always leave home with a pint that makes me feel beautiful and comfortable. This plan actually works very well because with the use of  Shapewear FTC, one can shape their body in such a way that we highlight our curves faster and easier.

There I leave you an idea of ​​something you can do and that we can work together this year if you dare. Regarding how to look better with the colors we choose, today I also want to give you my recommendations of shaping girdles that you can use so that in this celebration of a new year you can look great and look and feel super beautiful to start our year fulfilling goals.

Three of the best recommended Shapewear Girdles to make you look gorgeous.
If you are like me, you probably like to have multiple choices of look when dressing at different events in our lives. Of course, each of us will want to highlight or shape a specific part of our body, and for that the ideal is to buy the girdle that helps us achieve that goal. However, there are three girdles that I always recommend to have that adapt to the different colors that we could use.

Recommendation # 1: Knee Shaping Girdle Wide Strip Gold Line.

best shapewear for women
Ideal to wear with dresses with sleeves, and any outfit that is knee length and with sleeves
This is one of my favorites and without a doubt a “must have” in the  Shapewear FTC collection. The Wide Strip Knee Girdle Gold Line is ideal for all types of outfits, especially dresses with sleeves. It also works for any type of pants, midi skirt or knee length.

Colombian Shapewear for Daily Use
This girdle is ideal for several reasons: one of them is that this girdle has several layers that help better compression and control throughout our abdomen, the upper, middle and lower, helping us with a flatter abdomen and at the same time , to control our posture. I tell you that it is ideal for dresses or blouses with sleeves, since it compresses my entire arm in such a way that they help to disappear those rolls or that somewhat flabby skin that can often ruin a good outfit. In addition to compressing the area of ​​the arms and abdomen, this girdle helps to eliminate those back rolls that are often annoying or uncomfortable, and as it helps to shape it, it also benefits me with my posture.

The benefits of the O-024 girdle do not end there, since being a girdle that reaches the knee, it does wonders with our legs and buttocks! Leaves my hips more rounded, and naturally enhances my buttocks, giving them a more harmonious shape, helping them to center and lift. The thighs are molded and best of all, without marks of any kind! Which ensures that you can wear any type of pants, dress, or skirt, and that your girdle is absolutely invisible. What I also like about this girdle is that it covers my legs to the knees with a lycra lace that allows the girdle to not roll up. The fabric is incredible, it is a softened lycra that helps in compression and it is also super soft on our skin, taking care of it and protecting it.

With this girdle I assure you that that dress or skirt that you are thinking of wearing will look incredible! Your waist will be marked, your thighs perfectly shaped, the chubby arms of the controlled arms, and your figure will look spectacular.

Recommendation # 2 of the best shapewear: Mid-Leg Shaping Girdle with Central Badge

best body shaper for women

Ideal to wear with strapless dresses and blouses and mini skirts or short dresses
The Mid-Leg Girdle with Central Badge is another one of my recommended so that your outfit for the beginning of the year looks divine.


This girdle is great because it has triple abdominal reinforcement, that is, it helps us control our entire tummy, from the upper abdomen to the lower, also benefiting the control of our posture. Helps us shape

Shapewear To Match My Skirts
our waist and our hips, giving our body a beautiful hourglass shape, especially if we are women with wide hips and large buttocks. This girdle also has a central badge so we can adjust the compression to our liking and need when using it with the look we want.

Speaking of pints, I highly recommend this girdle for when you have a dress, or a sleeveless blouse, one-shoulder blouse, band-aids or even a strapless blouse or dress. The straps of the girdle are removable, and the rigidity of the girdle makes it ideal to look amazing in any dress or blouse by maintaining the shape, but being invisible at the same time. In addition, the length of the thigh girdle is perfect for wearing mini skirts or short dresses, and having perfectly molded thighs and hips at the same time.

Recommendation # 3: Strapless Best Waist Cincher
Ideal to wear with any outfit.

best waist cincher
The third girdle that I recommend for a spectacular figure is the Strapless Girdle with tummy and waist control. This girdle was by far the favorite of the Colombian Ladies, so you can imagine that they are ideal to be used with incredible colors!

Shapewear with strappy tops

This girdle is perfect for several reasons. The first is that it has internal rods that are flexible, but that, at the same time, are firm enough to help us correct our posture and improve the appearance of our upper, middle and lower abdomen. However, not only our abdomen is controlled, but also our upper part of the back, thanks to its design that has a greater back coverage. In addition, the waistband has three rows of snaps that allow more versatility when you want to compress. These rows of snaps work the same as the central badge girdle, and help to give the desired compression depending on the outfit you are planning to wear and your waist reduction needs. I also love it because it has a soft lycra inside that takes care of our skin and gives greater comfort.

The other advantage of this girdle is that it can reduce up to two sizes and give us a more beautiful figure in a matter of minutes. This girdle is ideal to wear with any outfit you have in which you need a greater definition of the waist and control of the abdomen. It works perfectly with any sleeveless blouse, or one shoulder sleeves, and any dress where the waist is the protagonist.

I invite you to try one of these girdles and use the outfit you are planning, look in the mirror and see how beautiful they are! I remind you that it is important to find the girdle size that best suits our needs and encourage yourself to use them daily to look incredible with any outfit you want to use.

Remember to set your goals and tell me what it is about!

With love


CEO Shapewear FTC