Which Colombian Faja or Shapewear is better?

Which Colombian Fajas or Shapewear is better?

What is the best Colombian Faja

We have spoken with more than 40 women, 10 plastic surgeons and 10 girdle sellers and we will tell you the Colombian girdles that these experts recommend as the best.

Most women always want to be comfortable, wear quality things and look good on any occasion. This is not easy and sometimes we spend hours looking for that perfect garment or that accessory that will make us feel unique.

Buying your first Colombian girdles can be a challenge and believe me that as an expert selling and designing these garments almost every day they tell me things like "Rocio, I bought a girdle, it was very expensive and it doesn't look good on me" or "Rocio, this girdle He mistreated me and is making my skin red ", in short there are hundreds of stories that every day I hear about these problems and that is why today I want to talk to you about the best brand of Colombian girdles.

The truth is that this is not easy to tell as it has the story of my life but I will try to be as brief as possible.

I got married very young and at 25 I already had 3 children, I lived in Bogotá, Colombia and was very happy with everything, my children, my family life, it was all a dream. The only thing is that my body had undergone many changes due to my 3 pregnancies and I was always looking for something that will help me regain my figure.

As a Colombian by birth, and with a somewhat vain mother, I was always attentive to all the beauty tips that could help me, and one of those tips was the use of girdles to shape your figure. You can't imagine how many brands of Colombian girdles there are in Colombia, so I started trying various brands. After almost a year of trying various brands (which for obvious reasons I cannot tell you what they are) I realized that none had what I was looking for, comfort, that would allow me to look beautiful without feeling drowned and that it will last a long time, that their fabrics were of quality.

which are the best girdles

With my husband we had a small business of our own and we were used to working very hard and building what we wanted to achieve in our lives.

It was then that the idea came to me, how do we say the light came on "Rocio why not make your own girdles and look for the perfect girdle that suits everything you want?"

That idea was on my mind for a long time until I told my husband. He has always trusted me a lot and he told me "I know you can do very well."

After feeling the support of him, the ideas flowed very quickly and that was when I dreamed in my mind of Shape Your Body Colombian Shapewear. I imagined the best shapewear and how my body could look with them.

A few months later we sold our only property, a small apartment in a central area of ​​Bogotá and with that we bought machines and cloth to start our business in the backyard of our house.

As a woman and mother of 3 children, I knew what my body needed and I started to manufacture hundreds and now there are thousands of prototypes of girdles to find the most comfortable girdles on the market.

I tried hundreds of materials, I tried thousands of models and so little by little people fell in love with our girdles.

At first many people told me no, but now they are looking for us because they have heard that even Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza wears our girdles and believe me that this is only possible thanks to the effort to develop the best Colombian girdle on the market.

So let me summarize some of the things that women, plastic surgeons, and girdle sellers have told me why Shape Your Body is the best girdle brand.

1. Colombian Shapewear Shape Your Body

They are girdles that are made with the best fabrics from Colombia. In case you don't know, Colombia is a country with a long textile and fashion tradition. The best companies producing high-quality fabrics are in Colombia and they are very jealous of who their customers are since they are looking for one thing. QUALITY.

2. Exclusive designs

Designing is an art, that simple, you cannot think of girdles without weighing in design and comfort. I have worked tirelessly, many times day and night, to design the most comfortable shapewear. The whole process now involves technology, computers with sophisticated software so that not only the designs are perfect but the processes with the fabrics are perfect.

Watch this video and you will understand more why I tell you that the design in Shape Your Body Shapewear is an art.

3. Preferred by Experts.

Some time ago we were at a fair in Chicago in one of the largest and most important plastic surgery events in the world, when one of the speakers approached our booth excitedly and said "I'm glad you are here, you have the best girdles I know. "

Look at the testimony that he left us here:

Things like these happen to us every day, with thousands of people, since today we are in more than 15 countries, we sell girdles all over the world and the best we are helping thousands of women with their bodies, with their health and with their self-esteem .

4. Personalized service and advice

Once you have the best girdle, what follows is logical, give the best service to your customers and make sure they are very happy.
In Shape Your Body Fajas we have created a work team where excellence is the minimum we ask of our collaborators. We have channels of attention e-mail, telephone, social networks, WhatsApp, in short, everything to be able to give you the best possible attention.

We have partnered with companies such as DHL and FedEx to ensure that your product shipments are as fast and safe as possible.

If you want to know more about our girdles, use them, sell them or recommend them, just send us a message and we will be more than happy to help you!

With love,